Email Scanning

vbdigital services now offers a comprehensive mail filtering service. Don't let spam and viruses flood your inbox and waste your time.


  • Eliminate Spam - Effectively blocks 95-99% of all spam
  • Eliminate Viruses - Keep viruses from reaching your computer, virus definitions updated hourly
  • Prevents Phishing Attacks - Phishing attacks can steal your personal information, including bank account info and passwords
  • Saves Time - You no longer need to sift through mountains of spam to find legitimate messages


  • Web-based Management Console - Login from any computer to manage your settings
  • Personal Whitelists/Blacklists - Manage individual white/black lists
  • Personal Spam Quarantine - Never lose another email to a spam filter, now you can login and see the spam and release if necessary
  • Mail Spooling - We can hold your mail for up to 5 days if your server goes down

Special Offer:

This service normally costs $5 per month, or $60 per year. Currently we are running an exclusive offer for existing vbdigital webhosting or shoutcast hosting customers. If you sign up and prepay for 1 year now you will get 50% off 1 year service and 2 months free. Your price is $25 per domain for the first year, that's an instant savings of $35!

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this service or for price quotes on any job big or small by emailing


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